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Neptune - Glow Glitter

Neptune - Glow Glitter

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This blue glow though. A super sweet baby blue iridencent and sparkley AF glitter in daylight, and at night she turns into the most stunning deepblue glow in the dark vibe. Obsessing over this blue though!!! 💙💙💙
  • Size: A mix of fine, medium & chunky glitters
  • Glow Glitter
  • Premium Glitters
  • Material: Non-toxic Polyester 
  • Solvent-Resistant
*Note - Glow glitters need to be condensed in your projects for best glow-ability, charge in natural or UV lamp to activate glow*
Glitters are sold by weight in 1 oz or 2 oz sealed bags, 10 g jars are packed by volume.

Disclaimer: We make every attempt to show the true colours of our glitters, however colours may differ based on settings on device or monitor, please keep this in mind when purchasing.

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