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Glitter Babes & Co.

Boxing Day - 70% Off Mystery Bag

Boxing Day - 70% Off Mystery Bag

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Our Pink Ticket Event is back baby! ALL mystery bags include a gold ticket with a deal or discount but if you get the PINK ticket you will win a $100 prize pack included with your next order! 🎟

If you love glitter, this deal is definatly for you!! 

Let's get stocked up on some glitter with this AMAZING deal for the Glitter Babes! 😘

How about our glitter mystery bags! If you know,  you know.  We don't skimp. These mystery bags are full our our beautiful glitters! What's really fun about the mystery bags is you get glitters that you might not choose for yourself. We have over 500 glitters in our collection up for grabs! 


**Please note: These are limited - so grab yours ASAP**

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